Advertise with soller1 is an independant and objective web portal for the village of Sóller providing information on cultural and touristic offers in and around the town. Our users are primarily visitors from german speaking countries (> 50%) as well as english- and spanish speaking (aprox. 20% each). They use our website for both, planning their stay from home as well as for up-to-date information once they are on te island already.

Promote your services with us

What we offer

If you wish to promote your services with us, you can chose from three different plans: STANDARD (free), SILVER and GOLD (both paid). The main difference between the packages is where, how often and with which information you will be shown within our pages.

Where does the information appear? 

Any company subscribing with us will be shown in our business directory on the page/category which best fits your services (ie: "Directory > Gastronomy > Restaurants"). 

The majority of categories inside the business directory are listed as well inside the editorial sections of our website (ie: the before mentioned category "Restaurants" will be shown as well inside the section "Activities > Eating out > Restaurants").

GOLD and SILVER members will have even more appearance like being mentioned in editorial articles (ie on the page describinga trekking route which passes by a restaurant), with an icon on our general Sóller city map, as competitors on the details pages of other (non paying) companies or simply as one slide inside several rotating banners. 


Standard (free)

You can promote your company with us completely for free by selecting the STANDARD plan. This plan offers you a simple ad in the business directory listing plus a separate page providing more information on your business and services.

Details of the STANDARD package

Your ad

  • Ad inside the listing of companies on a categories page (lowest level, ie: "Activities > Eating out > Restaurants")
  • Basic information (Name, Address, Phone)
  • Short description (up to 60 characters per language)
  • Without photo or the companies logo

Details page

  • All contact details including a link to your homepage
  • Description (up to 120 characters per language)



SILVER (with costs)

Companies selecting a SILVER package will be receive a more comprehensive ad including an image and a longer description.

On your companies' details page, photos may show up and visitors will find your location on an interactive Sóller street map. No competitors will be shown as against the free STANDARD entry.

Links to your companies' website will be "readable" for searchengines like Google; thus you will benefit from the link as far as your Google PageRank is concerned (while STANDARD entries won't). 

Details of the SILVER package

Your ad

  • Ad containing an image (foto or companies' logo)
  • Description of up to 120 characters per language
  • Link to your companies' website

Details page

  • Contact details
  • one teaser image placed together with your description
  • Photo gallery (of up to four pictures)
  • Interactive city map of Sóller with a placemark at your location
  • Possibility to publish events
  • Possibility of offering a pdf file as download (ie. for a menu or services/pricing folder)
  • No competetive companies mentioned


  • Placements on higher ranked categories: whilst the STANDARD entry only shows up on the lowest level category (ie.: "Activities > Eating out > Restaurants"), the SILVER entry will as well show up on matching upper level categories (ie.: "Activities > Eating out"). This makes it being shown more often and more prominent.
  • Link to your website will be recognized by search engines like Google. Helps you to improve your ranking at these search engines.



GOLD (with costs)

Companies selecting the GOLD membership will benefit of the maximum promotion we can offer. Your ad will be sprecially highlighted and contains a more detailed description as the SILVER package. On your details page you will be able to publish almost every information you want.

All our GOLD members are featured on the interactive Sóller street map as well as on matching editorial pages (ie: mountain guides on a page describing a trekking route). Their ad will included in several banner rotations systems on the most visted pages throughout or website.  

Details of the GOLD package

Your ad

  • All characteristics as the SILVER package (see above)
  • detailed description of up to 190 characters

Details page

  • All characteristics as the SILVER package (see above)
  • Description without restriction
  • Teaser image
  • Photo gallery with up to 16 photos


  • All characteristics as the SILVER package (see above)
  • Ad placement on matching editorial pages
  • Inclusion in banner rotations on most visited pages
  • Marker in our general interactive Sóller street map

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