Discover Sóller


A fair amount of people that live in Sóller believe that the valley is one of the most beautiful places in Mallorca. The heming, high mountain ranges of the Tramuntana seperated the valley over centuries from the rest of the island, helping in that way to unfold its unique charm. With a profitable fruit and textile economy, Sóller orientated on maritime trade, mainly with France. French immigrants as well as returning emigrated Sóllerics exerted their influence on architecture and culture.

Because the „ll“ is being pronouced like an „i“ in spanish, you say „Soier“, with the“o“ as the accent-bearing letter. By the way, the name is a leftover from the time of the Moors on Mallorca, deriving from the term „Suliar“. Having two meanings: „Shell“ and „Gold“, it is not clear which meaning the occupying forces at that time attached to it when giving the town its name. Both seems to be right as the Moors would find „liquid gold“ due to olive cultivation and therefore its oil, as well as the habour and Sóller itself with its shell-like form.

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