From the Airport in Palma to Sóller by car

From the airport Sant Joan you take the motorway Ma-19 towards Palma. After aprox. 5km you take the slip road „Via Cintura“ (Ma-20 towards Andratx) which is a motorway that goes around Palma de Mallorca. After aprox. 4km you take the slip road „Sóller“ that leads you onto the main road C711 (Ma-11).

Follow that same main road C711 (Ma-11) until you reach the “Tunnel de Sóller”. You can take the tunnel (4,75€ one way) or the free of charge mountain pass “Coll de Sóller“ which takes another 3/4 of an hour to reach Sóller but lets you enjoy a beautiful view of the surrounding  mountains.

At the end of the tunnel and respectively the mountain pass, both roads come together and lead you on a curvy road down into the Valley of Sóller.

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