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Es Firó in Sóller

Each year, on the 2nd weekend in May (in 2009: Monday, 11.5.) takes place the most important historical festival of the town: the victory of the residents of Sóller over the Algerian invaders from 11 May 1561. Colourful booths at the Plaza, exhibition of cars, agricultural machinery and animals, exhibition of paintings and crafts in various locations near the centre.

The spectacular highlight of the celebration starts on Monday about 4 p.m. in the port. Dressed in historical Arabian costumes the Sóllerics attack from the sea, coming by boat and fighting against the nervously waiting residents, also dressed in traditional costumes of the ancient times. The fighting with real shotguns (escopetas) , wooden swords and historic stone catapults is a great spectacle with lots of noise and wine and more. Along with the countless watchers it is all in all a hot and wet party, which for many of the visitors ends up with a round hole in their hat and a black face coloured with black shoe crème.

Pictures of Es Firó in Sóller

After the first attack near the pier in Puerto de Sóller , the hole action moves slowly, accompanied by traditional mallorquin music, on to the side of Platja d'en Repic where another battle taking place.

Some of the attacking Moorish move into the town centre and meet the "Valentes Dones," the courageous women, who are now, as their men still fighting in the harbour, on their on to defend the town. They are very brave.

From about 8 p.m. onwards, all actors of the battle arrive at the Plaza. The entire place is the noisiest battle field you can imagine, thick clouds of smoke fill the village square. A well-filled treasure box is being robbed from the bank. The pirates conquer the balconies of the surrounding town houses with long ladders and rob all kind of household. In the trees hanging dead men,- the whole thing looks pretty real. Finally under loud shotguns, the honest and courageous Sóllerics decide the battle for themselves. The great victory celebration starts and the entire village is singing, accompanied by gunshots and cheers of glory, the hymn of Mallorca, “La Balanguera ".

At this point the former enemies start celebrating together, dance and sing together, no matter which side they were fighting on. The celebration goes on, with loud music until the early morning hours.

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