Climate in the valley of Sóller

This is Sóller, too: the cloudy and snow
covered Sierra de Alfabia

Basically the climate here in the valley is subtropical as everywhere on Mallorca. However, the micro climate of the valley is characterized by its proximity to the sea and the surrounding high mountain ranges of the Sierra de Tramuntana. This leads to somewhat more rain than in Palma de Mallorca; it may freeze in winter and under extreme conditions it even snows occasionally, which can be admired on the top of the mountains around Sóller virtually every winter for a few days.

Strong variations from weather conditions in Palma (which are the bases of most weather forecasts) are a direct result of the Tramuntana mountain range acting as a cloud and weather barrier. It may be beautiful and sunny in Sóller while it pours cats and dogs in Palma and vice-versa. Rain clouds can get caught from both sides of the Sierra de Tramuntana .


Spring: The gardens are blooming in bright colours

Spring (March-May)

  • Mild temperatures, between 12 to 16 ° C
  • Relatively high precipitation (more than 40 mm in March and April are not uncommon), but no worries, there are a lot of sunny days!
  • Water temperatures of 14 to 17 ° C which is still cool and only suitable for hardcore swimmers.
Plenty of sunshine! Up until the late
evening hours.

Summer (June - August)

  • Thanks to the Azores high, it is hot and dry in July with less than 9 mm precipitation (<9l/m2) and temperatures up to 35 ° C
  • The water temperatures are above 20 ° C, in shallow coastal waters up to 28 ° C.
Heat and rich rain: Esclatasangs

Autumn (September - November)

  • The temperatures are warm (around 30 ° C in Sept.) to mild (November rarely sees 20 ° C)
  • The climate is rainy, especially in October and November; it may rain significantly more than 60l/m2.
  • The sea keeps its temperature of the summer a little longer and water temperatures are well above 20 ° C in September to around 20 ° C in October. Still pleasant for water sports!
The almond trees bloom from late January
to late February

Winter (December - February)

  • Mild temperatures, with 14 - 16 ° C. highs.
  • Relatively little rainfall and many sunny days as you enjoy the omnipresent almond blossom (late January to late February).
  • The water is quite cold with temperatures below 15 ° C and is not suitable for water sports.
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