Angel d'Or – Orange liqueur made of Sóller-Oranges

Oranges have a long history in the Valley of Sóller. More than 600 years ago, moorish mariners brought the citric fruit to Mallorca. Compared to the rest of the island, they grew especially well in Sóller due to the valleys high precipitations and fresh water springs. The abundance of high quality oranges gave the region the name “Golden Valley” and helped Sóller to develop intensive trading relashionships with all of Europe and especially with France; Therefore the oranges have been responsible in a way for the train connexion to Palma.

With this background it´s not a surprise that the best orange grades in Sóller are the base for an internationaly known Orange liqueur: Angel d´Or. The natural fruity and just slightly bitter tasting liqueur is made (like every liqueur) just from the especialy aromatic paring of the fruit.

The inventor of Angel d´Or and co-owner of the orange-Finca Ca´n Posteta in Biniaraix is the mallorcan Miguel Capó. He´s been living in Sóller for over 20 years and developed out of different orange grades the valley has to offer and in close cooperation with various distillers, the unique taste of Angel d´Or.

The Liqueur can be enjoyed either straight, on ice or in various cocktail varieties. For example the refreshing “Fresquito” (with Orange juice on ice), the sparkling „Angel d´Or con cava“ (with sparkling wine) or even the exotic “Caipirinha d´Or” (with lime and brown sugar). Many more interesting cocktail ideas can be found at

Angel d'Or can be purchased in every well sorted delicatessen shop. Most bars and restaurants offer this tasty Liqueur and of course, Angel d´Or can be bought in England as well.

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