Swimming & Snorkeling

On both beaches you´ve got floating islands for the kids to play on and shops and bars nearby to supply you with drinks, snacks and food. Eventhough Port Sóller has got two sandy beaches in its bay, it is not really recomendable for the classic beach holiday. The beaches are neat and the water quality is good, no doubt. But they can´t keep up with the ample and spacious sandy beaches in Mallorcas east and south because there just isn´t that much space; the water can´t change easily because of the shape of the bay and there´s a lot of ship traffic.

Those of you that can do without a comfortable place to lie down, belongs to the group of good swimmers and doesn´t mind traveling to poorly accessible places will find beautiful snorkeling areas with rocky beaches and cristal clear water, but only when the sea is calm, at the Playa Artificial (following the bay on the Repic-side), Muleta (towards Deià, below the Restaurant Bens d´Avall) or Ses Puntes (following a path from the old parking place below Torre Picada).

Although there are no more sandy beaches in the immediate vicinity, you´ll find very idyllic gravel beaches at the Cala Deià in the south east and Cala Tuent in the north east. During the main season you should choose a weekday to visit them. There´s also a small but rocky nudist beach in Lluch Alcari between Sóller and Deià.

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