Nightlife: Clubs & Discotheques

Eventhough Mallorca is known to be the place to go if you want to party, apply the opposite to Sóller. For a good night out in a club, you´ll definately have to visit Palma.

The nightlife in Spain generally begins a little later as people don´t have dinner until 10 pm, then chill at bars or Restaurants till late. Around 1 am or even a bit later people start to go clubs and discotheques.
Nightlife in Sóller takes place only down at the habour. There are three clubs: Saint Germain, Saint Tropez and Altamar. They all play commercial music and the latest spanish and international hits. You get great vibes once the party has enough people attending it.

Saint Germain opens fridays and saturdays untill 3 am. The audience is with 16 to 20 years pretty young.

The Altamar is open during the weekend as well and in the summertime, june till september, even every day. But be advised, the best time to go is around 2-3 am. A tip: Saturdays around 4 am is the best time to flip out!!!

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